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Cellular Sunset

Generate a report that enables you to view all of your CDMA and HSPA modems so you can upgrade them before the 3G cellular sunset. The generated report lists all of your modems, whether or not they are in Dealer Admin, and links to systems if they are in Dealer Admin. To generate sunset modem reports, go to Tools > Cellular Sunset.

To learn about DMP’s upgrade options, see Cellular Upgrade Program.

Prefer a Video?

In this clip, we’ll show you how to create a system from Cellular Sunset.

Dealer Admin enables you to create systems from the Cellular Sunset page that are listed as Not in Dealer Admin. To create a system, complete the following steps.

  1. In the menu, go to Tools > Cellular Sunset.

  2. In the row of a system that you want to add to Dealer Admin, select Add System.

  3. To add the system to an existing customer, select Existing Customer, search for the customer, and select their name from the list.

  4. To create a new customer for the system, select New Customer, then enter their name and email.

  5. Select Create System.

  6. You are redirected to the new system page. Enter the System Name, select a System Type, and enter an Account Number.

  7. Configure other system settings as needed.

  8. Select Save.

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