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Dealer Admin Help File

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Knowledge Base

Get Started

Learn more about getting started in Dealer Admin.


Learn how to search in Dealer Admin.


Learn how to navigate the customers page.


Learn how to install and manage your customers' systems in Dealer Admin.

X1 Series

Learn more about the X1 Series and Dealer Admin.

Perform System Tests

Learn how to remotely test a system.

Programming Overview

Learn how to remotely program your customers' systems.


Learn about templates in Dealer Admin.


Learn how to manage devices on your customers' systems through Dealer Admin.


Learn how to manage outputs on your customers' systems in Dealer Admin.

Access Control Doors

Learn how to configure access control doors in Dealer Admin.

Key Fobs

Learn how to configure key fobs in Dealer Admin.

Video Devices

Learn how to configure video devices in Dealer Admin.


Learn how to manage Z-Wave devices in Dealer Admin.

Monitoring Center

Learn how to manage receivers and configure monitoring centers in Dealer Admin.


Learn how to configure profiles in Dealer Admin.

User Codes

Learn how to manage user codes on your customers' systems in Dealer Admin.

App Users

Learn how to manage Virtual Keypad app users through Dealer Admin.


Learn how to configure and manage schedules on your customers' systems in Dealer Admin.

Log In as a Customer

Learn how to log in as a customer in Dealer Admin.

System Status

Learn how to use the system status page in Dealer Admin.

Reset Sensors

Learn how to reset sensors in Dealer Admin.

Mobile Credentials

Learn how to purchase mobile credentials in Dealer Admin.

Update System Firmware

Learn how to update system firmware in Dealer Admin.

Update Keypad Firmware

Learn how to update keypad firmware in Dealer Admin.


Learn how to manage personnel in Dealer Admin.

Personnel Roles

Learn how to manage personnel access in Dealer Admin.

Service Requests

Learn how to create a service request in Dealer Admin.

System Reports

Learn how to manage your customers' systems with reporting in Dealer Admin.

Reporting and Analytics

Learn how to manage your services with reporting and analytics in Dealer Admin.

Dealer Settings

Learn how to customize dealer settings in Dealer Admin.

Dealer Dashboard

Learn how to manage your dealer dashboard in Dealer Admin.


Learn how to manage billing in Dealer Admin.

Cellular Sunset

Learn how to generate reports for the cellular sunset in Dealer Admin.

Dealer Resources

Learn how to navigate dealer resources in Dealer Admin.

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