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After logging into Dealer Admin, the Customers page opens. This page displays a list of your customers and their systems.

Customers contains an interactive map that shows the location of your systems. To show the map, press the Show Map button. The page also includes a table of your customers. In this section, you can use the embedded search bar to search for a specific customer or system using any of the categories included in the table columns. By default, the Customers table displays the following columns:

  • Account is the account number associated with a system

  • Customer is the name of the customer associated with a system

  • System is the name given to a system

  • Type is the panel model (XTLplus, XTLtouch, XT30/XT50 Series, XR150/XR550 Series, iComSL, CellCom, or DualCom)

  • Version is the firmware version of the system

  • Connection is how the system connects to SecureCom servers

In Customers, you can choose which details to view in the table by pressing the Columns button and selecting the columns that you want to include in the table. You can also export information to a CSV file by pressing Export to CSV. Finally, you can add customers from this page. For more information, refer to Add a Customer.

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