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Dealer Dashboard

Dealer Dashboard enables you to track, analyze, and manage your business from Dealer Admin.

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In this clip, we’ll show you how to use Dealer Dashboard.


To access this feature, personnel must either have Admin authority or a Custom Role with Dealer Dashboard permissions. For more information, refer to Personnel Roles.


Trailing 12 Month Sales Trends

Displays your DMP year-to-date sales, a comparison with all of the previous year’s sales, and a sales trend graph for the past 12 months. This section also contains color-coded dealer level badge so you can see your current level and the direction your company is trending:


Trending towards previous dealer level


Maintaining current dealer level


Trending toward next dealer level

Dealer Overview

Includes information about you, such as:

  • How far you are from your next dealer level

  • Your month-to-date (MTD) sales

  • Orders shipped year to date

  • RAN (return authorization number) units for year

Dealer Information

Includes more detailed information like:

  • How long you’ve been a dealer

  • Your current dealer level

  • Your number of tech support calls and topics most called about

  • Training and certifications data

Top Ten Products Purchased

Includes metrics for the top 10 products that you’ve purchased. This includes items like the part number and how many you’ve ordered.

New Products & Services

Includes a table of the newest products and services with their adoption rate and totals.

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