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Fast Programming

Fast programming enables you to quickly modify several basic programming functions of a system.

Note: Fast programming is only applicable to XTLplus, XTLtouch, iComSL, CellCom, and DualCom systems. Fast programming is not applicable to XT30/XT50 Series Systems or XR150/XR550 Series systems. Refer to the appropriate system programming guide for more information.

Use Fast Programming

Prefer a Video?

In this clip, we’ll show you how to use fast programming.

To use fast programming, complete the following steps.

  1. Go to Customers.

  2. Select the system name.

  3. In the menu, go to Fast Programming.

  4. Modify fast programming settings such as the Receiver IP, Weather ZIP Code, System, and additional options as needed.

  5. Select Send to System.

Manage Zones

In Zone Information, you can add or remove zones as needed.

XTLplus and XTLtouch

  1. To add a zone, select the Add Zone icon and enter or scan the device’s Serial Number.

  2. To remove a zone, select the Remove Zone icon.

  3. Select Send to System.

iComSL, CellCom, and DualCom

  1. Select Add Zone.

  2. Enter a Zone Name, Zone Number, and Zone Type.

  3. Configure settings in the Advanced and Action tabs as needed.

  4. Select Send to System.

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