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Mobile Credentials

This section covers how an Administrator purchases credentials for a customer in Dealer Admin. These steps can only be completed after the SR3 Bluetooth Reader is installed and associated with a customer’s system in Tech APP.

To purchase and issue credentials in Dealer Admin, you must either have an Administrator role or a custom role with Mobile Credential permissions. For more information, refer to Personnel Roles.

Prefer a Video?

In this clip, we’ll show you how to purchase mobile credentials.

To purchase credentials, complete the following steps.

  1. In the menu, go to Tools > Mobile Credentials.

  2. Go to the Purchase Credentials section.

  3. In Customer, select a customer for the credentials.

  4. In Quantity, select the number of credentials you want to assign.

  5. If needed, enter notes. You can use the Notes/PO field to help you track items like why the credentials were issued and who requested them.

  6. To purchase the credentials for your customer, select Purchase Credentials.

  7. Notify your customer that you completed their purchase.

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