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X1 Series

The X1 Series is a line of cloud-based access controllers programmed entirely in Dealer Admin and managed in Virtual Keypad. This guide explains how to program X1 Series devices after hardware installation is complete. For more information about installing and configuring communication for an X1 Series Door Controller, refer to the following literature:

Before you get started, here are some basics about the X1 Series:

  • A system can have one or more door controllers

  • A door controller or elevator controller processes access logic when given instructions from card readers or Virtual Keypad

  • A door is a physically secured point of access managed with door controllers, hardware accessories, card readers, and Virtual Keypad

  • A floor is a point of access managed by card readers through Virtual Keypad

  • The X1 is a cloud-based door controller with a total of 1 door (integrated)

  • The X1-8 is a cloud-based door controller with a total of 8 doors (1 integrated and 7 modular)

  • The X1-ELEV is a cloud-based elevator controller with a total of 90 floors (10 integrated and 80 added through the X1-ELEV-EXP and X1-ELEV-PCB)

  • The X1-OUT-EXP is an accessory to the X1 or X1-8 allowing for a total of 90 additional outputs (10 outputs per module, 9 additional modules per X1 or X1-8)

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