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Add Card Formats

To add card formats to an X1, complete the following steps.

  1. In Card Formats, select the Add icon.

  2. Give the card format a name.

  3. Select a card format and configure format settings. For details about each option, refer to Card Format Options.

  4. Select Save.

Card Format Options

  • DMP (card format) use cards with DMP’s format with a 26 – 45 bit data string.

  • Custom (card format) use cards with a custom bit length and configuration.

  • Any (card format) unlock the door with any valid card read.

  • Wiegand Length is the total number of bits to be received in Wiegand code including parity bits.

  • Site Code Position is the site code start position in the data string.

  • Site Code Length is the site code length.

  • User Code Position defines the user code start bit position.

  • User Code Length defines the credential user code length.

  • User Code Digits defines the user code length.

  • Require Site Code restricts the door so it only unlocks when the card’s site code matches one programmed in Site Code.

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