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Auto-Program a System

Auto-programming allows you to automatically push programming to a new or initialized panel when it connects to Dealer Admin for the first time.

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In this clip, we’ll show you how to use auto-programming and pre-programming.


Auto-programming requires the following:

  • Panel Series: XR150/XR550, XT30/XT50, XTLplus, XTLtouch, CellCom, or DualCom

  • Users with Preset Roles require the Administrator, Operator, or Technician role

  • Users with Custom Roles require that Permissions > System is set to View, add, and edit and that System Programming has Full/Fast Programming enabled

Auto-Program a System

Note: Auto-programming overwrites all existing programming in the panel.

  1. Go to Customers.

  2. Select a customer to open the Customer Summary.

  3. In Systems, select the Add icon.

  4. Enter the system name.

  5. Select a System Type.

  6. Select Auto-Programming.

  7. Select a panel firmware version.

  8. Select a Connection Type and enter the appropriate connection information. For more information, refer to Connection Types.

  9. Enter an Account Number.

  10. Enter or scan the panel Serial Number.

  11. Select other system options as needed. For more information about initial system creation options, refer to Add a System.

  12. Select Save.

After saving the system, you can create programming in Programming, Profiles, User Codes, and Schedulesand select Save to Dealer Admin so it's pushed to the panel on connection. Existing programming cannot be retrieved from the panel until a connection is established.

You can view the Auto-Programming Errors report in Tools > Reporting & Analytics to see any issues that occurred when attempting auto-programming. This report also provides details about any auto-programming performed after the system’s original installation date.

Schedule Cell Activation

When a new system is pre-programmed or auto-programmed, cellular modules are automatically scheduled for activation on the panel’s installation date.

  1. When adding a new system, select Auto Programming or Pre-Program System.

  2. When Install Information pops up, select an Installation Date. This determines when the panel communicator’s SIM is activated.

  3. Choose Cellular as the connection type, enter or scan the communicator’s SIM number, and select Get Status to finish scheduling activation.

  4. Finish entering required information for the new system, then select Save.

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